Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does shipping take? 

Every flag we sell is custom made per purchase. On many of our top selling products we keep premade inventory. Due to this our shipping times range from 8-15 business days. 15 business days equals 3 working weeks. If you have not received your flag by this time please reach out to info@countrymanflags.com and one of our representatives will be with you shortly!

How do I track my order?

Once your product has shipped you should receive an email with a tracking number included. If the link does not work for you or you lose the email please reach out to us and we will provide the tracking number!

How does your discounts work?

Due to our wide selection of flags we cannot determine which flag you would like to be free or discounted. Therefore we ask all customers to ADD the free/discounted flag to their cart before checkout. We have everything set up for the discounts to apply automatically!

What material are your flags made out of?

All of our flags are 100% polyester. Flags come in all different types and materials. Make sure polyester is right for you! 

What metal is used with your flags grommets?

Our grommets are brass and are rust resistant! 

I am unhappy with my order and would like a refund, how do I proceed?

We are so sorry to hear about your disappointment with our flags. If this is the case please review our return policy and follow those instructions. We are processing all returns at our remote office at this time. If your situation applies to our policy's qualifications then we ask you mail your flags back to us. Once we receive the products we will have a refund processed the same day!

I want a refund, but my item has shipped already. What do I do?

Unfortunately once the item has shipped the carriers USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc. are in possession of the product. In order to process the refund we MUST have the product returned to our possession. We ask once you receive the item to follow our return policy and we will gladly process the return.

How many flags can you offer in one transaction? 

We can process as many flags as needed and offer supply sales as well at a discounted price!